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THE SOCIAL BENEFITS OF our company lie in the area of employment and social inclusion of people at a disadvantage on the labor market - we create our jobs for people with disabilities who are looking in vain for a job in the vicinity of their residence. In this way, we want to support their social integration in the vicinity of their home and also contribute to local economic development.

Žena v invalidním vozíku pití kávy

EMPLOYMENT MIN. 30% OF PERSONS DISADVANTAGED ON THE LABOR MARKET - our target group are people with physical disabilities (PWD). We prefer to employ people who are disadvantaged on the labor market from Hluboká nad Vltavou and its surroundings. Our goal is to build a long-term job. We currently employ 57 people at a disadvantage in the labor market, specifically people with disabilities out of a total of 71 employees, and we are constantly looking for more jobs for these people. Expressed as a percentage, this is 80% of employees with disabilities. We employ men and women. Working hours and job descriptions are completely adapted to the individual needs of each employee and his health condition. In the event of a deterioration in the health of the employee, our company adjusts the scope of work and workload to suit each of the employees so that he can continue to work in our company, we are also able to offer him another job position. An open approach and variability of job positions ensures a low level of turnover of our employees. Our premises are adapted so that every employee can visit all workplaces, they are 100% barrier-free. We have psychosocial support available to our employees, which can be used by every employee, in person or by phone. He is a qualified expert in the field of psychology, psychosomatics, burnout syndrome and work life balance. Furthermore, our employees have legal support at their disposal, in person and by telephone - which accompanies and advises them in dealing with communication with authorities and other state administration bodies, as well as with banks and insurance companies. Our staff has the service of personal assistants,  who are available for the period during which the worker is unable to perform his duties on his own, in view of his limitation due to the degree of disability.

Once a month there are "motivational" interviews with employees in a pleasant environment with good coffee, where the status of current needs and opportunities for further development of our employees is determined, where our goal is to strengthen their independence and self-sufficiency with an emphasis on maximum development of their work potential with regard to their specific needs. A questionnaire survey determines the demand of our employees for seminars and workshops that they would be interested in, and once a year our company organizes these trainings for employees. Every Thursday there are regular meetings with employees, where each of the employees has the opportunity to comment on the functioning of our social enterprise, to propose improvements and new directions. A written record of these meetings is made, which is available to each of our employees. In this way, full information of all employees about our social enterprise and its direction is ensured. The company works closely with the Labor Office, where it has a permanent offer of vacancies for people with social disadvantages. He also established cooperation with VŠTE from České Budějovice, this school is a member of the Association of Service Providers for Students with Special Needs at Universities and we offer internships in our company to these pupils with special needs. 

Pracovní schůzka
Týmová práce

EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT - each employee has defined competencies, responsibilities and tasks within our social enterprise, this document is called DESCRIPTION OF WORK ACTIVITIES - each employee has it available in writing. Each of these documents takes into account the degree of the worker's disability and the worker can make suggestions for its adjustment with regard to his current state of health. The company has an internal directive, called the COMPANY DEVELOPMENT PLAN - this document contains a plan for the direction of the company for next year, it closes at the end of October. During its creation, from January to October, every worker can participate in its formation. Each employee will receive this plan in writing electronically, an assistant is available to employees for clarification and explanation of the content of this document. The social enterprise sends us NEWSLETTER to its employees - where there is information about current events in the company, about new employees and news.

REINVESTICE MIN. 51% OF PROFIT - the company currently invests all continuously accumulated profits in the development of the company. In 2020, the company purchased equipment for the establishment of a monitoring center, sewing workshop and administrative department, and purchased modern computer technology, including a 3D printer. In 2021, the company invested in the establishment of access to tap water in all its operations, participated in cooperation with the city of Hluboká nad Vltavou in the operation of the Endowment Gallery - there were investments in hanging systems for exhibits, investments in the purchase of glass showcases in the gallery for goods cooperating social enterprises, including the painting of exhibition spaces and the monitoring center. The company rented premises from the town of Hluboká for an exhibition gallery and premises for the operation of a monitoring center. In 2021, the company invested in the rental of a van that is adapted for the transport of people with disabilities and also has sufficient luggage space for the transport of wheelchairs. The company invested in the new websites , , , . In 2021, the company organized a vernissage of photographs by Sára Saudková, whose vernissage supported our social enterprise and contributed to its wider awareness. In 2021 the company established cooperation with the local organization SOKOL Hluboká nad Vltavou and from summer 2022 the company plans in cooperation with the local SOKOL to operate a drone track and hobbyhorsing track at the local sports ground and thus the social enterprise deepens integration and socialization of its employees in relation to visitors it also deserves to promote social entrepreneurship.

Investiční graf
Pracovní pohovor

INDEPENDENCE IN MANAGEMENT DECISION-MAKING - a social enterprise is registered in all registers provided by law, its structure is simple and transparent. The owner of the company is also its executive, who is directly involved in events in the social enterprise. When communicating with the authorities, a data box is used or the company is represented by employees on the basis of a power of attorney. The management of the company is led by its own employees, the company does not use any external management or consulting companies or consultants.

LOCATION - in Hluboká nad Vltavou we are the only social enterprise. In 2020, we established cooperation with other social enterprises, specifically the Home of St. Anežka in Týn nad Vltavou and with Madlenka from Písek. Both social enterprises became our suppliers, for a long time they struggled with insufficient sales of their products and products, in mutual cooperation we proposed a strategy of changing the range, and thus we managed to secure and expand jobs in these two companies, specifically preventing the closure of ceramic workshop in the Home of St. Agnes, which would mean layoffs. Madlenka in Písek has expanded its sewing workshop depending on the establishment of cooperation in sewing our products. Through our Endowment Gallery, we promote all cooperating social enterprises in the form of information panels, sales of their products, as well as visitors to our websites, where both of the above-mentioned cooperating enterprises are listed. As part of close cooperation, we offer their products for sale in our NAGA Foundation Gallery without any of our margins. The operation of the endowment gallery has a long-term goal, namely to support the integration of the target group of PWD. In the gallery we organize social events for the general public with the aim of integrating the target group so that our PWD employees participate in the design, preparation, organization up to the actual implementation, eg the second ceremonial opening in our gallery, recently coordinated by our PWD including their presence at the gala dinner. We work closely with the local elementary school Hluboká nad Vltavou, where this year we opened a hobby workshop and allowed our employees to further develop in the direction of meeting children and vice versa so that children have a real view of the world of people with disabilities who would not find employment.

Otevřený znak
konference Událost

In cooperation with ARPIDA from České Budějovice, we offer their clients so-called occupational rehabilitation, ie the possibility of an "internship" of ARPIDA center clients in our company. We actively cooperate with the local government, specifically with the city of Hluboká and participate in local events organized by the city of Hluboká, where we spread awareness of social entrepreneurship and the integration of people at a disadvantage in the labor market into work and everyday life. We use local supply chains, specifically the city drugstore to supply organic washing gels, the local pharmacy supplies us with covid tests and drapes for employees, we buy food from local suppliers - fruits and vegetables such as a nearby blueberry farm or orchards of St. Prokop. We are preparing to organize an open championship in hobbyhorsing for the year 2022 and we are addressing social enterprises that would like to get involved in organizing their activities and thus draw more attention to themselves. We buy consumables at a local stationery store.

We have become customers of the social enterprise A MANO, specifically we purchase products from their own roastery in Drahonice, namely coffee for our corporate needs, then we sell products from the roastery in our gallery, specifically coffee, chocolate, hazelnut creams, roasted teas and syrups. Every visitor to our gallery will receive a free cup of Drahonice coffee. The coffee machine is operated by our PWD employees. In the gallery we have a promotional leaflet for this social enterprise and on the street an advertising card about the availability of products of this social enterprise in our country.

kávové šálky
Vybírání koše

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - we have developed an internal directive, called  EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITY TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES which contains an accurate description of the careful management of natural resources and the environmentally friendly approach, each employee is familiar with this directive and this directive is also available for inspection at every workplace. The head of individual sections of our company oversees its observance. Every week, the responsible employee reports to the operations director the status of compliance with this directive, which is continuously updated. In the sewing workshop we process scraps of fabrics from the production social enterprise Domov sv. Anežka in Týn nad Vltavou and we produce packaging material for our products from them. We do not use plastics for the production of our products, nor do we pack these products in plastics. I use recycled paper to ship our products. Employees have access to tap water at all establishments, so we do not support drinking water barrels or bottled water in PET bottles. All operations are equipped with a coffee machine without capsules. We use recycled paper for printing, before printing documents, every employee is obliged to consider whether it is necessary to really print the document or just save it in the cloud, which we have set up for this purpose. Our consumption of office paper has thus decreased by 60% compared to the original state. We use refillable toners for printing. We sort waste in all operations. We buy cleaning products in a local drugstore in large containers and pour them into reusable dispensers, so we do not create unnecessary waste. In the production of our products, we use water-soluble paints that are environmentally degradable. We deal with orders for consumables primarily from local suppliers in Hluboká, local drugstores,  stationery, pharmacy, blueberry farm, Sady Sv. Prokop, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local entrepreneurs.

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